Geriatric Medical and Mass American Energy Complete Construction on Solar Project in Massachusetts

Woburn, MA – Geriatric Medical & Surgical Supply, Inc., one of the leading distributors of medical supplies, has completed construction on a 585kW solar project on the roof of Geriatric Medical’s Woburn, MA facility. This is among the largest roof-mounted solar projects completed in Massachusetts.  Mass American Energy, a turnkey solar project builder, designed and built the project and Fireflower Alternative Energy acted as advisor and consultant.  The project will be supported by the Massachusetts SREC solar incentive program.

The solar array consists of approximately 1200 high efficiency solar panels and 540 inverters.  Geriatric Medical will be producing in excess of 100% of its energy needs and will be supplying the remainder to other environmentally conscious businesses.  Based upon projections from the EPA, the solar project will save approximately 25 million pounds of greenhouse gas by 2040.  This is equivalent to eliminating the consumption of over 27,000 barrels of oil or nearly 12 million pounds of coal.

”This clean energy initiative is very important to our company.  Our team is proud that we have drastically reduced our carbon footprint and our hope is to inspire other members of the community to do the same” said Jeffrey Siegal, CEO of Geriatric Medical. “We chose Mass American Energy to build this project because of their strong execution record in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the fact that they offer a comprehensive suite of services with regards to the design, build and maintenance of PV systems. Fireflower Alternative Energy was a perfect match for guiding us through the complexities of the clean energy process.”

“Mass American Energy congratulates the Geriatric Medical team on the completion of this exciting solar project. We were thrilled to help Geriatric Medical advance their sustainability efforts and build a cleaner future for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and us all,” said Quincy Vale, Manager of Mass American Energy.

“The team at Geriatric Medical is truly committed to delivering a greener future for all.  It was a pleasure helping them achieve their goal for carbon reduction,” according to Kathy Doyle, CEO of Fireflower Alternative Energy.

About Mass American Energy:
Mass American Energy LLC is a turnkey energy solutions provider that develops, engineers, constructs and operates projects for corporate, industrial and institutional customers.

About Fireflower Alternative Energy
FireFlower Alternative Energy helps businesses profitably invest in America’s energy independence.  With a focus on the numbers, FireFlower invests in and develops renewable energy in the Northeast and can help site owners, commercial energy users and the financial community collaborate to get real projects built.