252000 MFG #: MOL 252000
This enhanced product with replace our current Melgisorb® calcium alginate dressing. Melgisorb® Plus offers increased absorption up to 20 times its own weight, higher wet strength for easy removal in one piece from the wounds and also minimizes lateral wicking of wound exudate thereby reducing maceration to the periwound area. These attributes help contribute to providing a balanced moist wound environment which is ideal for moist wound healing. Designed for the management of moderate to highly exuding wounds. The product offers the following benefits: high absorbency; does not adhere to the wound site when gelled; creates a gel on contact with exudates or solutions containing sodium ions (saline); suitable for cavity wounds; soft/pliable/conformable; can be cut to shape; non-sensitizing. Item Description: Calcium Alginate Absorbent Dressing, 2" x 2" (5 x 5cm), 10/bx, 10 bx/cs