DD60 MFG #: DD60
  • Absorbency: Heavy
  • Size: 4-XL
  • Waist-Size: 70"-106"

Attends Bariatric Briefs address the growing need for a Briefs designed specifically for larger individuals whose weight can cause excessive pressure on the bladder, resulting in heavy to severe incontinence. With ultimate absorbency, users experience a personalized fit with better hip and back coverage for 63"-106" waists. We created our DD60 Bariatric Briefs with stretchable panels and the SecureGrip™ fastening, which provides a reliable and snug fit with an expanded fastening area, improving grip and easy application of the briefs. Constructed with breathable side panels, the briefs offer breathability to allow sweat and moisture to evaporate, further promoting skin health and wellness. ConfidenceCuff™ Protection helps prevent leaks around the legs, while the Dry-Lock® core helps promote dryness for daytime or overnight protection.

Size: 4-XL

Gender: Unisex

Absorbency Level: Severe