77667 MFG #: 2970010223

Product Highlights

  • Easy-to-release device
  • Holds the patient safely in the chair
  • The moment the belt is unbuckled, alarm sounds, alerting staff

AliMed® Buckled Seatbelts use a familiar car seatbelt buckle to keep patients securely in place. Ideal for patients who easily become confused and for those who can release a seatbelt, but need to be reminded not to get up without assistance. Effective for patients with sustained cognitive disorders, such as dementia, post- CVA, and other neurological problems.

CAUTION: These devices are not restraints! They are designed to be easily opened and removed by most patients. The determination as to the appropriateness of the Early Warning EZ Release Seatbelt, EZ Release Seatbelt and the Buckled Seatbelt with either hook-and-loop closure or with the quick-release seatbelt buckle for a specific patient is the responsibility of the facility and its professional and medical staff.