5955044 MFG #: 5955044
CONFORMANT® 2 Non-Adherent Contact Layer, 4” x 4” Sheet, is a sterile, air permeable, transparent, polyethylene wound contact layer designed to act as a non-adherent interface between the wound and the secondary dressing. May be used in the management of minor wounds such as abrasions, skin tears, and minor burns and scalds and partial and full thickness wounds including:
• Leg ulcers
• Pressure ulcers
• Second degree burns
• Surgical wounds
• Diabetic foot ulcers

• CONFORMANT 2 is non-adherent and saves nursing time
• Because it is permeable and flexible, it can be used over most wound sites under an absorbent outer dressing
• Made entirely from high-density polyethylene, it tears easily and uniformly in the direction of the grain for dressing customization
• Compatible with most topical agents, liquids and creams
• Covers the wound and allows removal with less disturbance to granulation tissue
• Transparency allows easy monitoring of a wound or graft