2515061P MFG #: HA2515061P
Puritan Medical Product Dm Stick w/Foam Tip Wound Measuring Device, Sterile The Puritan single use wound measuring device is constructed with an unbreakable plastic handle that will not fracture when flexed and is equipped with an accurate and easy to read graduated scale in centimeters. Also the back of the sterile wrapper is printed with a centimeter rule for additional notation. Other specialty practices such as podiatry, pathology and reconstructive surgery also find the Puritan 25-1506 1PF DM Wound Care Swabs a necessary tool. The Puritan wound measurment device comes in sterile and non-sterile.Devices are ideal for VA Hospitals, Wound Care Centers, Long Term Care Facilities, Emergency Rooms, Forensics, and other settings.Puritan 25-1506 1PF DM sterile foam tipped measuring device is a specialized tool needed to safely measure decubituc ulcers and tunneling wounds.The soft foam tip protects from further Injury and can double as a specimen collection device.