1600TLC MFG #: SA1600TLC
Salter Labs Original TLCannula™ with Foam Cushions and 7 ft Supply Tube Clear, Three Channel Safety For Oxygen Flows Up to 6 LPM, Assembled with Gray Colored, Closed CellA Salter-Style® Cannula setting a NEW STANDARD in patient comfort and convenience for long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) patients. Available in several popular Salter-Style® oxygen delivery models. The TLCannulas™ are assembled with gray colored, closed cell, soft foam cushions placed over the cannula headset tubes. The cushions provide a new dimension of comfort for sensitive "over the ear" tissue.Salter-Style® cannula with soft foam cushions placed over the head set tubing.Cushions are installed during the assembly process.The TLC cushions move easily back and forth on the head set tubes.Unique, patented, anatomically correct face piece design.TLCannulas™ are available in a wide selection of popular Salter-Style cannulas.Now available in a dual port demand type cannula.No assembly is required, means time savings for the care provider.Easy to find a comfortable fit and reduces unnecessary time consuming service visits.Easy for patient to reposition for the most comfortable and secure fit.