1600Q MFG #: SA1600Q
Salter Labs Quiet Cannula with Larger Facepiece and 7Ft Supply Tube Clear, Three Channel Safety, Three Channel SafetyThe comforts of Salter-Style® coupled with an enhanced face piece to virtually eliminate flow noise, creating a quieter atmosphere for the user, up to 8 LPM, adult size only. Clear, lightweight cannula with unique one piece anatomical design eliminates the need for irritation producing flap resulting in maximum patient comfort. Over-the-ear style head set ensures secure positioning, allowing more freedom of movement. Available with three- channel safety tubing or smooth bore tubing.Incorporates a larger reservoir.Curved, tapered nasal prongs.Three-channel, crush-resistant safety tubing.Unique, anatomically correct Salter-Style® design.Uninterrupted flow of oxygen.Virtually eliminates noise.