123A MFG #: 123A

Carstens Heavy Duty Ring Binders for Narcotics Control Documents are manufactured with premium polypropylene plastic to handle the high demands of medical facilities. They’re resistant to bending, folding, scratching and tearing (even in the creases) – substantially stronger than standard vinyl binders – to last for years and save you money over time. The “Narcotics Control” lettering is hot-foil stamped directly into the plastic covers for a clear, vibrant look that won’t peel or wear like traditional sticker labels. These ring binders are the professional-grade standard for hardworking people and places across the country.

  • 2-inch rings (300 sheet capacity)
  • Precision No-Gap Rings tested for over 50,000 uses to hold tight and stay aligned
  • Extra-long front and back panels fully cover and protect standard divider tabs

Our hospital-grade, non-porous medical binder surface is impenetrable to air and liquids, so bacteria cannot grow beyond the surface, versus standard vinyl binders that can absorb liquids and harbor bacteria. This unique cover material ensures easy cleaning and disinfecting – ideal for medical charting supplies that see rigorous use in healthcare environments.