77667 MFG #: 77667
AliMed® Buckled Seatbelt with Alarm An easy-to-release device that holds the patient safely in the chair. The moment the belt is unbuckled, an alarm sounds, alerting staff. Features a convenient on/off switch, a low-battery warning light, a sturdy metal clip, a flashing light to help locate the correct patient, and a nurse call jack to connect the alarm to the nurse call system. The Nurse Call Connector cord, sold separately, comes with a handy Y-adapter to connect the alarm to the nurses' station and the emergency call button. Durable nylon web belt attaches to the wheelchair's back uprights. Multiple mounting , grommets provide a customized fit. A simple, press-to-release metal buckle ensures both safety and convenience. Includes a bracket to mount the alarm box on the wheelchair. Single 9V battery included. For comprehensive fall management care, AliMed's VOICE Alarm is also compatible with the Wheelchair Seatbelt.