360300 MFG #: 36030000
VIVONEX® RTF, Elemental Diet, Ready-to-Feed 100% Free Amino Acid Formula. Unflavored, 250 mL cartons. Appropriate for: lactose-free*, gluten-free, low-residue, kosher. *Not for individuals with galactosemia. 100% free amino acid diet for severely compromised GI patients
• Only 10% calories from fat to support tolerance and reduce pancreatic stimulation.
• Useful in stressed, catabolic patients
• Requires minimal digestive functionality for assimilation while providing benefits associated with continued use of the GI tract
• Can be used for tube feeding or oral supplementation

Nutritional support for severely impaired GI function:
• Severe protein, fat malabsorption
• Transitional feeding
• Extensive bowel resection
• Malabsorption syndrome
• Select trauma/surgery
• Early post-operative feeding
• Intestinal failure
• Chylothorax
• Pancreatitis
• Trophic feeding
• TPN alternative
• Dual feeding with TPN