To positively impact the overall quality and success of extended care facilities and providers.


We will provide our customers with superior value, high-quality products, dependable delivery, and the very best service

We will build partnerships with our suppliers based upon honesty and respect.
We will be active supporters of our community.  We will focus our time and resources to causes related to the care of older adults and individuals with disabilities.    

We will emphasize teamwork and Training in order to provide the basis for our associates to grow professionally while maintaining the balance of family and community.

We will utilize renewable forms of energy, minimize our carbon footprint and recycle whenever possible in order to promote a healthy environment.



We build our organization with great people
A chain is only as good as its weakest link. Build a chain with great links, and it will be strong. The same concept applies to organizations. That's why our team is composed of only the very best in terms of work ethic, enthusiasm, and character.
We don't serve to exist, we exist to serve
Whether you need an emergency delivery, a product in-service or help with survey preparedness, we are here to serve. How may we help you? Just let us know!
We listen
We are very feedback-oriented. And while we love hearing what we did well, we also love criticism. It helps us to continually improve.
We go the extra mile
We want you to say "Wow!" after each delivery and every interaction.                                                                        
We embarce new technology
We don't settle for "good enough"; we strive for excellence. That's why we're always pushing ourselves to combine new technology with innovative ideas.
We do what is right
The best thing we can do for our customers is the right thing. Your success matters to us, and we try to get it right on the first try. And if something DOES go wrong, we'll do whatever we can to make it right.