Customer Bill of Rights

 1. You have the right to:  Dependability.
You can count on Geriatric Medical.  Natural disasters, medical emergencies, stat orders; we are prepared. We have invested in numerous safeguards to ensure that our customers get what they need regardless of the circumstances.

 2. You have the right to:  Low cost.
Geriatric Medical is committed to providing low costs.  We are focused on efficiency and operational excellence. Having enormous scale in a defined geography lowers our operating costs and allows us to pass along the savings.

 3. You have the right to:  Outstanding customer service.
Phones are answered by our local customer service team.  The average answer time is under 3.5 seconds. We have a sense of urgency that ensures all requests are handled with speed and attention to detail.

 4. You have the right to:  The Best Products & selection.
We offer over 30,000 items; all supplied by leading name-brand and generic manufacturers.

 5. You have the right to:  Product availability.
We ship in excess of 3.6 million packages annually.  With an average fill rate of 99%, we have what you need, stocked locally.  

 6. You have the right to:  On-time delivery.
Nearly 100% of orders delivered by our fleet arrive on the scheduled delivery day.  In addition, we offer the most available delivery days, the latest order cutoff time, no minimum orders, and same day emergency delivery service.

 7. You have the right to:  An honest and transparent business relationship.
Geriatric Medical engages its customers on a regular basis. During periodic business reviews, we review your expenditure and product utilization in order to identify opportunities for improved care as well as additional cost savings.

 8. You have the right to:  Education and training.
Geriatric Medical can help improve your organization’s educational efficiency, accuracy, quality, and satisfaction. Specifically, we offer comprehensive QIS and MDS 3.0 training packages in addition to regulatory, CNA, nursing & administrator CE, and leadership training.

 9. You have the right to:  State of the art technology.
We view technology as the most effective tool to consistently improve the customer experience. We utilize the latest technology for online ordering, EDI, warehouse management, vehicle logistics, truck routing, order management and so much more. 

10. You have the right to:  A partner that goes the extra mile.
Geriatric Medical is not about slick marketing and sizzle.  We are real people who care. We know that serving our customers is a privilege and we show our appreciation by going the extra mile in everything we do.